This is a dongle that plugs into your computer USB port to make your computer Bluetooth accessible. With this you can use your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, wirelessly transfer data from and to your cell phone and/or pda, use your Bluetooth headset to listen to your music and almost anything else you do with any Bluetooth devices. A lot of the new computers have this built-in and now you can add Bluetooth to any computer and laptop. This is a great accessory for anyone using Bluetooth devices for any reason. These are brand new, never used AND THE SMALLEST BLUETOOTH DONGLE MADE IN THE WORLD. Some come in the original retail package and some are just in small Ziploc bags.

 Specifications: Bluetooth specification v2.0 & 1.2 compliant…..i/o interface USB compliant…..supporting profiles: networking, dial up, fax, LAN access and headset… with all windows operating systems…..receiving sending range:0-20 meters in open space… rate up to 3mbps…..USB powered, no external power needed

 Features include…..plug and play…..convert non Bluetooth pc into Bluetooth enabled…..wirelessly connect to Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, pda or pc for data transfer,  networking and fax…..enable wireless connection to Bluetooth headset…..supports Bluetooth voice data… drivers needed


Compare to Best Buy at $16.99 to $39.99.

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