Did you know you can record your old vhs movies to your computer and make dvd’s. . Now you can put them on dvd by recording them to your computer with this device. This is so easy to connect and use. Just plug this device into a free usb port on your computer, connect it to your vcr  in the audio/video outputs on the vcr, install the software and you are ready to go. Yes, you have those old home movies on vhs up in the closet or on the back shelf. Use this to record them onto your computer then you can make them into dvd’s and give them to all the family members that live so far away.  You have those old  favorite vhs movies you refuse to throw away because you can’t find them on dvd. Let’s say you are at the movie rental store and you see that movie you only saw once when you were a kid and always wanted to see it again. There it is on the shelf. Now you can take it home and record it on your omputer.  You can even record live tv and your video games too if you connect this up right. This is a great device if you collect movies, like to make your own home movies, want to do a lot of home editing and recording. This also works with most camcorders and video cameras. This is a must have for anyone that likes to collect movies. Inclued in the package is the EasyCap usb device, manual and software cd.

$30.00…..S&H $3.00

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